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 +====== Spot-In project finished ======
 +I've just finished my second mobile application, named after **[[project:spot-in:start|Spot-In]]**. Created using Apache Cordova((aka PhoneGap)). It was quite a challenging job: I had to Create:
 +  * UI((user interface)), 
 +  * Database structure,
 +  * Server side software,
 +  * Communication protocol
 +  * Glue everything into one working software package
 +I've had to deal with some Android 2.1-2.3 gliches like fixed position of footer bar (in this case footer is my menu) not on the bottom of the page if you scroll down the page. Some peoples used iScroll plugin for JQuery, but i've found even better and realy simple work-a-round. Look for this hack in tutorial section. Also it was a good practice of SQL and JQuery. 
 +{{tag> cordova phonegap spotin programming project communication}}