INA226 - Current, Voltage and Power

Power monitor voltage and current alarm 36V bidirectional I2C

The INA226 maximum offset voltage of 10 microvolts (uV), maximum gain error of 0.1%, the industry-leading accuracy than the competition 10 times. The device is a complete 16-bit single-chip solution, it is possible to provide fully programmable digital measuring current, voltage and power I2C interface. INA226 can bring great advantages for designers servers, telecommunications equipment, computers, power management devices and testing equipment, are adequate to meet their needs for accurate power measurement.

Key features and benefits

  • having a single-chip solution I2C interface supports current, voltage and power measurements, or no external multiplexers ADC can simplify the circuit board design, to deal with the limitations of the layout;
  • highest precision industry, with 10 uV maximum offset voltage and gain error 0.1% maximum, can be achieved not only at a low current higher accuracy, but also a smaller shunt resistor, thereby reducing the I * R losses;
  • independently programmable sampling and conversion time average speed of each technology not only simplifies system customization requirements, but also reduce the need for software and memory;
  • 420 uA maximum quiescent current 2 uA shutdown current maximum support to work effectively, even if INA226 integrated ADC with Multiplexer power, power consumption is 3.5% lower than discrete solutions competing products;
  • 140 dB common mode rejection ratio (CMRR) to 36 V common-mode voltage (CMV) minimal or no changes to ensure that no change in the offset voltage over the entire operating range, error analysis can be simplified.
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