JDY-08 - Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE)

Bluetooth 4.0 BLE Module Bluetooth Module

  • Micro-XIN transmission (support AirSync protocol, micro-XIN H5 or factory server communication, including long packet data analysis transceiver)
  • Micro XIN control mode (motor speed control, LED light switch control)
  • APP transparent transmission (to support Android, IOS data transparent)
  • iBeacon mode (support WeChat shake shake the agreement with the Apple iBeacon protocol)
  • Sensor mode (temperature, humidity, and many other sensor data acquisition applications)
  • Host transparent mode (data transmission between modules, the host and slave communication)
  • Host observer mode (application sensor, indoor positioning)
  • PWM mode (applied to the motor speed, LED light brightness adjustment)
  • IO mode (applied to mobile phone control relay or LED light off)
  • Indoor room applications (application of iBeacon data acquisition to achieve the range of positioning)
  • RTC mode
  • RTC alarm mode: You can set the RTC alarm time to control the IO port, support two alarm time setting
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